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Making a Full Persian 6 in 1/ 6 in 1 Grizzly Cross
Article © MAIL User: tlblumberg

In this article, I'll explain how to make a Full Persian 6 in 1 cross that, when hanging, doesn't lose it's shape like some other designs do. It will make trying to learn from this article much easier if you know how to weave Full Persian and Full Persian 6 in 1 Grizzly (along with the difference between the two), so here are a couple of links:

Full Persian 6-1: Full Persian 6 in 1 (CGI)

Full Persian 6-1 Grizzly: Full Persian 6 in 1 Grizzly (CGI)

NOTE: you don't need to get a different ring size for this part of the cross, I've experimented and found a size that works nicely and produces a cross of fair size. Don't worry about the rings being too small.

Now, the ring sizes used in this example are 16 swg 5/16", 18 swg 5/16", and 18 swg 3/16". I used stainless in this example, if you want to know.

You will need:
(42) 16 swg 5/16" rings
(2) 18 swg 5/16" rings
(2+) 18 swg 3/16"* rings

Open 26 of the 16 swg 5/16" rings, close the rest of them. Open the 18 swg 5/16" and 18 swg 3/16" rings, and arrange them like so:
Image: setofringsforstarting.jpg

Arranging them like this helps keep you organized, but it isn't a crucial part.

Now, make an 8-ring unit of Full Persian 6-1 Grizzly using 4 closed and 4 open rings, like the three groups at the top. Repeat until you have 3 8-ring units, like so:
Image: setofringsafter3units.jpg

Now, take the 16 rings (found at the bottom of the first pic) and use them to weave a normal Full Persian 6-1 chain. After you finish, you'll have something like this:
Image: setofringsafter4thunit.jpg

Now, take one of the 16g open rings (center left) and connect it to all 4 units you've finished weaving. Connecting them different ways will affect how the final product turns out.

Image: setofringsafter3unitsnew.jpg

I used the blue ring to connect all the red rings together. This is 8 rings on 1, and will be a bit of a tight fit, but this is what helps the cross keep it's shape.

Once you connect all of them, you should have something like this:
Image: halfdonecross.jpg

Next, you'll connect the top three arms of the cross using both of the 18g 5/16" rings. Three pictures of how to connect them are below:
Image: closeupofconnection.jpg

Image: closeupofconnectiondifferentangle.jpg

Image: closeupof2ndconnection.jpg

These rings should also go through 8 rings total. It is possible to use 16g rings for this, but I've tried and it makes it very difficult to fully close one of the rings, but also it makes it nice and tight.
After that, connect the other of the open 16g 5/16" rings to the 2 black rings, shown in the picture below.

Now, you should have something that looks like:
Image: semifinishedcross.jpg

Now, the final step is aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps the cross stay together, rather than hanging strangely. Use the 18g 3/16" to connect 2 of the center rings, either the red OR the blue, not both. Connect 1 ring, then flip it over and do the same to the other side.

Image: semifinishedcrossnew.jpg

And you're finished! You may want to tighten it up using some 18g 3/16" rings, but it's up to you now. Happy mailling!

*: There are other rings you may/may not want to connect, this is the ring size you'd use to do it. Only 2 are used in this example.
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