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Article © MAIL User: lorraine

Airplane is tricky to make because it depends so much on the ring sizes. (Which is one of the reasons it's a design and not really a weave. But I digress....) If it's not tight, it's a floppy mess. If it's too tight, it pulls apart.
Sizes I used:
Extra large 16awg/6.5mm
Large 16awg/6.25mm
Medium 16awg/5.25mm
Small 16awg/4.5mm

1. Three large on two small.
Image: airplane1.jpg

2. Flip two large over like you are starting byzantine and add the extra large ring through the middle of the box.
Image: airplane2.jpg

3. Add the two large "tail" rings on each side of the extra large ring by going through all three rings in the middle.
Image: airplane3.jpg

4. Add four medium "wing" rings to the two small rings.
Image: airplane4.jpg

5. Pin the wings down by adding two medium rings through the wings and the extra large ring added in step 2.
Image: airplane5.jpg

There ya go!
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