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Article © MAIL User: lorraine

My favorite AR for Orchid is 5.0. The rings in this tutorial are 18swg/6.0mm enameled copper.

1. Put five rings on one ring. Put a twisty on two rings and let the other three hang free.
Image: orchidtut_1.jpg

2. Push the middle of the three hanging rings out of the way and place an open ring with three closed rings through the remaining outer two rings. Close the ring.
Image: orchidtut_2.jpg

3. Keep adding to the chain following step 2.
Image: orchidtut_3.jpg

4. Now for the "petal" rings running down each side of the chain. Place a ring up through the bottom of the two sandwich rings (red dot) and up through the ring you pushed out of the way in step 2 (green dot) and close.
Image: orchidtut_4.jpg

5. Place another "petal" ring through the same rings in step 4 on the other side of the chain and close.
Image: orchidtut_5.jpg

6. Repeat step 4.
Image: orchidtut_6.jpg

7. Repeat step 5.
Image: orchidtut_7.jpg

8. Keep adding petal rings until you are done.
Image: orchidtut_9.jpg

9. A picture of the chain hanging down.
Image: orchidtut_10.jpg


Some comparison pictures of Orchid weaves.
Image: orchid.jpg
Image: orchid1_0.jpg
Image: orchid2_0.jpg
Image: sixleafclover.jpg
Image: sixorchid.jpg

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