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Article © MAIL User: Corvus

B2g is a weave by Onering.

Here made in bronze 0.9mm wire 6mm ID (AR 6.6) & 4mm ID (AR of 4.4)

Start with one open large ring and 4 sets of 2on2 small rings, like so:
Image: b2g1.jpg

Put the sets of 2on2 rings onto the large ring, like so:
Image: b2g2.jpg

Now fold the hanging rings, marked in green, in towards the middle (like Byzantine) and hold them there by adding another ring, marked in pink, through them and their neighbor. Like so:
Image: b2g3.jpg

Do this 4 times, folding in the rings marked in green and holding them with the rings marked in pink.
Image: b2g4.jpg

This is a unit of B2G.
Image: b2g5.jpg

You can connect the units like this:
Image: b2g6.jpg

Or like this:
Image: b2g7.jpg

Or any other way you can think of.
Happy mailling.
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