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Half Persian 6 in 1 Unbalanced
Article © MAIL User: Daemon_Lotos

Okay, so this is a very basic tutorial for Half Persian 6 in 1 Unbalanced (4:2). I'm a coder, not a photographer, so bear with me here :D

Before attempting this weave, I recommend you become very familiar with Half Persian 3 in 1 and Half Persian 4 in 1... Knowing both of these weaves, and being able to start them from scratch will be very helpful to you when it comes to this weave.

Persian weaves are very finicky when you're starting out, you can't really put them down, or you'll end up with a puddle of rings... As such I recommend you don't put down this weave until you hit Step #4 (Really, Step #5 would be preferable.)
These pictures are all taken with the weave laying on a table, as if it were being held in your fingers facing you.
There is a tiny piece of 'magic wire' holding the rings in the correct orientation so I am able to pick them up and put them down during weaving/photographing. You don't need this :)

Suggested AR: Roughly 9.25 - The rings used in this tutorial are 20AWG Bright Aluminium (Alloy 5556) wound in a 1/4" Mandrel. After springback, they're closer to 9.25 than 8.

Before you Start
Pre-Close 12 rings
Pre-Open 6 rings
(You don't need to do either, really, I suppose... But it'll make everything a sight easier.)

Step 1
Lay 6 of the pre-closed rings out as shown, holding them between your thumb and forefinger. Get comfy, you won't be able to put them down for awhile.

Image: step1.jpg

Step 2
Feed an open ring (yellow) through the closed rings as shown below.
To describe, you will pass up/away from you through the first four rings, then down/towards you through the other two. This is the only ring you will add by itself.
The pictures explain it a little better.

Image: step2-1.jpg
Pass through (in order) Rings 1,2,3,4 than back through 6,5.
Ring 1: Red, Ring 2: Green, Ring 3: Cyan, Ring 4: Blue.
Ring 5: Magenta, Ring 6: Orange.

Image: step2-2.jpg
At this AR, you can close it with your fingers enought that it will stay in place, you can close it up with pliers later. (Or, you can push against the other rings, and attempt to cose it one handed... Your choice.)
When closed, it should lay like this.

Step 3 to Infinity
Feed an open ring (yellow) through the closed rings as shown below, adding a pre-closed (orange) ring into the back row of the weave.
Rinse, and repeat.

Image: step3.jpg
Pass through (in order) Rings 2,3,4,5 than back through 7,6.
Purple rings are old rings, and are not used.
Ring 2: Red, Ring 3: Green, Ring 4: Cyan, Ring 5: Blue.
Ring 6: Magenta, Ring 7: Orange.

Step 4
This isn't really a step, so much as a possible stopping point if you're getting flustered... At this point, you can put the weave down if you're careful.

Image: step4.jpg

Step 5
This isn't really a step either, but at this point, the weave is completely stable. You can put it down, pick it up, toss it around, stick it in your pocket, etc.

Image: step5-1.jpg

Image: step5-2.jpg

And, just to be a children's show presenter...
Here's one I made earlier!

Image: tada.jpg
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