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Candy Cane Cord
Article © MAIL User: Corvus

Candy Cane Cord is a weave by cjwj, here made in Bright Aluminum (BA) 1.29mm 6mm ID AR of 4.6 and Anodized Aluminum (AA) 1.29mm 6.7mm ID AR of 5.1 (a nice AR for this weave is AR of 4.7 but I used the bigger coloured rings to show construction).

Start with a 2-2-2 chain like so.
Image: sg1.jpg

Next fold back the 2 last ring a-la Byzantine.
Image: sg2.jpg
This isn't actually part of the finished pattern but makes for an easier start.

Step 1
Squash this flat and add a ring (green) to one corner where 2 rings cross. Close it.
Image: sg3.jpg

Step 2
Do the same on the opposite side.
Image: sg4.jpg
It should look something like this.
Image: sg5.jpg

Step 3
Squash this flat like so.
Image: sg6.jpg

Step 4
Add a ring (purple) through the green ring, through the 2 crossed rings and through the other green ring.
Image: sg7.jpg

Step 5
Do the same on the other side.
Image: sg8.jpg
Image: sg9.jpg

Step 6
Add a ring (silver) in one corner like you did in Step 1 (be careful to use a corner that is not on the same side as the last silver rings added, you can see here that the last 2 silver rings added are top right and bottom left. If you add the new rings in line with these you will get Spiral CCC and if you alternate adding them in line and then when you come to repeat this stage, not in line, you will get Alternating CCC).
Image: sg10.jpg

Step 7
Do the same on the opposite side.
Image: sg11.jpg

Step 8
Squash flat.
Image: sg12.jpg

Step 9
Add a new ring (green) through the 2 silver rings and the crossed purple & green rings like you did in Step 4.
Image: sg13.jpg

Step 10
Do the same on the other side.
Image: sg14.jpg

Step 11
Image: sg15.jpg

Step 12
As before add a new ring (purple) to the corner not in line with the previous purple rings.
Image: sg16.jpg
Image: sg17.jpg

Step 13
Add a new ring (silver) through the 2 purple rings and the crossed silver and green rings.
Image: sg18.jpg
You should have the hang of this now.

Repeat on the other side.
Image: sg19.jpg
Image: sg20.jpg

Here is a pic showing all 3 variations.
Image: sg21.jpg
Top - Candy Cane Cord (CCC)
Middle - Spiral CCC
Bottom - Alternating CCC

Happy mailling
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