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Not Tao 6
Article © MAIL User: Corvus

This tut can easily be used to make other Not Tao units, you would just need to change ring sizes and numbers used.

For this tutorial I am using 1.2mm wire 8mm ID AR 6.6 for the large, center rings, 1mm wire 4mm ID AR 4 for the outer rings and 0.9mm wire 5mm ID AR 5.5 for the connecting rings. This makes the unit a little loose, easier for a tut but when making this for yourself I recommend slightly tighter ARs (1mm wire 8mm ID AR8, 0.9mm wire 3mm ID AR3.3 and 0.9mm wire 4mm ID AR4.4 work well).

1. Start by closing 2 large rings and 1 small outer ring.
Image: nt61.jpg

2. Now join those 3 closed rings together with a medium connecting ring.
Image: nt62.jpg

3. Next push the small outer ring up through between the 2 large rings and put a medium ring through the part of it that's sticking out,
Image: nt63.jpg
then close it.

4. Now add a small ring to the one you just added, making sure it is lying between the 2 large rings, like so.
Image: nt64.jpg

5. Repeat step 3.
Image: nt65.jpg

6. Repeat step 4.
Image: nt66.jpg

7. Repeat step 3 again.
Image: nt67.jpg

8. Repeat step 4 again.
Image: nt68.jpg

9. Repeat step 3 again.
Image: nt69.jpg

10. Repeat step 4 again.
Image: nt610.jpg

11. Repeat step 3 once more.
Image: nt611.jpg

12. Lastly add the last small outer ring making sure that it goes around the connecting ring on the right at the bottom and the connecting ring on the left at the top like so.
Image: nt6.jpg

And you're done.
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