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Box Chain 6 in 1
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

Box Chain 6 in 1

If you are familiar with the process of closing up a strip of European 4 in 1 to make regular [weave=Box Chain], this process should seem pretty similar. It is the same thing, applied to a European 6 in 1 weave.

1) Begin with a length of European 6-1 that is three rings wide.
Image: 6-1b1.jpg

2) Add a new ring that passes through six others, three from the bottom edge and three from the top. This new ring doubles the last link in the middle row.
Image: 6-1b2.jpg

3) Add a second link that passes through 6 rings. Four of these should be the last four passed through by the first ring, two should be new. Again, the rings should be split between those in the top and bottom rows.
Image: 6-1b3.jpg

4) Each new ring is added in the same way, taking four closed rings from the one behind it, and two new ones. Think of this as the same process as when you are adding to a strip of 6-1 three rings at a time. The four rings already closed up are those in the weave, the two new are the ones you are adding. It's just that in this case all six rings are there already.
Image: 6-1b4.jpg

5) Continue to desired length.
Image: 6-1b5.jpg
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