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Half Persian 4 in 1
Article © MAIL User: MaxumX

Half Persian 4 in 1

Simple weave once you learn it. Fast to make just about anything from it. Hope you like.

Ring size recommendations:
18swg ΒΌ" ID
16swg 5/16" ID

Color Guide:
Blue = Inactive or finished weave
Green = Active ring
Red = Interpolated or passed thru ring(s)
Yellow = Orbital or captive rings.

Step One: Start by closing two rings and feeding them on to a third. Close the third and rearrange the rings like below.

Image: hp4in1_1.jpg

Step two: Pass a new ring thru the two rings that are lining up together. See below

Image: hp4in1_2.jpg

Step Three: You're going to do the same here as you did in step two only on the back side. If you get lost look for the rings that are pressing together. They only appear on one side on the mesh when you hold it in your fingers tightly.

Image: hp4in1_3.jpg

Step Four: Time for the lather cycle. Repeat Step two.

Image: hp4in1_4.jpg

Step Five: Now rinse, Repeat step three.

Image: hp4in1_5.jpg

Step Six: I hope it is sinking in by now :P step two again.

Image: hp4in1_6.jpg

Step Seven: Continue step 2-3-2-3-2-3-2-3-2-3 til your length is obtained. You are Done!

Image: hp4in1_7.jpg
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