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Serpent`s Spine
Article © MAIL User: MaxumX

Serpent`s Spine, an odd weave. but you asked for it. My usual color convention applies here as normal. New rings are green, rings currently being passed through are red, old rings are blue.

Ring size suggestion:

16g 7/16th and 18g 1/4th large/small respectively. (Ed. note - The small ring needs to be able to fit inside the large ring, like in Dragonscale)

Step one: Okay this part is simple: close two small and two large rings, place them on to a small ring like shown below.

Image: serpentspine1.jpg

Step two: Add more small rings through the 4 rings in step one. You can add a multitude of rings here. For this tutorial I am using 4 rings. But you could use 5 maybe 6 in this size.

Image: serpentspine2.jpg

Step Three: Add another small ring set through the top of the stack like shown.

Image: serpentspine3.jpg

Step Four: Next we have to add the new holding layer. Add one small and one large ring. Put them through the rings from step 3. (You could add this section while you do step three if your weave is tight.)

Image: serpentspine4.jpg

Step five: time for repeat-o-vision. Do step 3 again!

Image: serpentspine5.jpg

Step six: time for repeat-o-vision. Do step 4 again! And continue to do 3-4 over until you're done.

Image: serpentspine6.jpg
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