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Cloud Cover and 4 Winds
Article © MAIL User: lorraine

Cloud Cover and 4 Winds are essentially the same weave, just with different ways of connecting the knots. For Cloud Cover, you will need rings with an AR of about 3.1. For 4 Winds you will need rings with an AR of about 3.1 and rings of the same wire gauge in an AR of about 5.0.

First Cloud Cover:

1. Make a simple chain out of four rings. Arrange them so that the first and third rings flip up and the second and fourth rings flip down, just like in the picture.
Image: cloud1.jpg

2. Flip the left most ring down.
Image: cloud2.jpg

3. Flip the right most ring up.
Image: cloud3.jpg

4. You now have two rings layered in one direction (red dots), and two rings layered in the other direction (green dots). These layered rings form eyes.
Image: cloud4.jpg

5. Place a ring around one of the eyes.
Image: cloud5.jpg

6. Place a ring around the other eye.
Image: cloud6.jpg

7. Repeat the above 6 steps to make more knot units. Making sure the knots are turned in the same direction, you can now begin connecting them by opening a ring on the end of a knot and threading it through the first ring on the next knot.
Image: cloud7.jpg

8. Continue connecting the knots until you have the length you want.
Image: cloud8.jpg

Now for 4 Winds:

1. Following steps 1 through 6 above, make some knots. The knots are not the same when you flip them over onto the other side. So with 4 Winds you are going to call the other side of the knot “the top”. Take one of the knots and turn it over to the other side, with the two copper rings still pulled together in the middle, like the picture.
Image: 4winds1.jpg

2. Here is a picture of a Cloud Cover knot (left) and a 4 Winds knot (right) side by side. The silver rings are still stacked the same way in each knot, and the copper rings are pulled together in the middle, but the Cloud Cover knot is more elongated while the flipped over 4 Winds knot is more square shaped.
Image: 4winds2.jpg

3. To connect the 4 Winds knots, take a larger ring and thread it through the knots following the path marked by the green dot rings.
Image: 4winds3new.jpg

4. Continue connecting knots as in step 3 until you have the length you want.
Image: 4winds4.jpg

There you go!

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