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Charm Linkage and Derivatives
Article © MAIL User: chainge_maker

This is a tutorial on Charm Linkage with some examples of other weave variants that can be made up from cells of "Charms".

First start with a 1 in 1 chain using rings with an AR of 3.16. Hold three links in between your fingers.
Image: step1.jpg

Then, twist. The direction you twist will affect the side of the chain that the charm cell ends up on.
Image: step2.jpg

Next, add an open ring through the 1st and 3rd rings of the three-ringed segment that you held in between your fingers in step 1. And then close.

You have just made a charm cell. This is what the chain will look like when the links are twisted the same direction.
Image: step3.jpg

A zig zag pattern will form when the 1 in 1 chain is twisted alternating directions.
Image: zigza.jpg

When the tips of charm cells connect two chains of Charm Linkage this is the result.
Image: nose.jpg

For other examples of chains that can be made from Charm Linkage cells see Head Charm and Diamond Charms in the weave section.
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