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Simple Ear Wires
Article © MAIL User: lorraine

This is how I make simple, consistent ear wires out of any type of metal.
You will need:
20awg (0.81mm) wire
Flush cutters
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
8mm or 5/16 inch mandrel (clamped down)
Nylon jaw pliers (optional)
Cup bur (optional)

Cut and straighten several two inch long pieces of 20awg (.81mm) wire.
Image: earwires1.jpg

File one end of each wire smooth and make a small “P” loop at the end with your round nose pliers.
Image: earwires2.jpg

Clamp an 8mm or 5/16” mandrel down so that you can use the end to bend the wire.
Image: earwires3.jpg

Grasp the “P” loop in your flat nose pliers making sure that the “P” is pointing up and the wire tail is held perfectly perpendicular to the edge of your pliers. Grasping the wire in the same place every time helps ensure consistency in your ear wires.
Image: earwires4.jpg

Place the edge of your pliers against the side of the mandrel with the wire tail resting on top of the mandrel.
Image: earwires5.jpg

Keeping the pliers against the mandrel, bend the wire tail around the mandrel until you meet the “P” loop.
Image: earwires6a.jpg
Image: earwires6b.jpg
Image: earwires6c.jpg

Give each wire a good flush cut on the tail ends and then file them perfectly smooth. Using a cup bur will give you a very smooth domed tip on the wire end.
Image: earwires7.jpg

Give each smoothed tip a slight bend with your flat nose pliers. You may also want to straighten and flatten each ear wire by squeezing them in some nylon jawed pliers. Ta da!
Image: earwires8.jpg
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