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Brejão Flowers
Article © MAIL User: MaxumX

Brejão Flowers is a weave made up of 4 ring mobi similar to that of Voodoo and Hoodoo, but with a much larger AR and the rings do not penetrate the centers of the connecting mobi. Instead they hold to the outside of each section forming a flower-like appearance.

AR: 5.5 - 7

Color Key:
Blue = Inactive or finished section of the weave
Green = Active or added ring(s)
Red = Interpolated or Gone through ring(s)
Yellow = Orbital or Captive

Let's get right into it then, start off by making a few lengths of 2 in 1 Chain. These will become the attached rows once we have them prepared.

Image: brejao1.jpg

Step Two: Okay this is going to get a bit sloppy and flop around a lot, but try to bare with it. We need to add one ring through the first mobi segment making it a 3 mobi.

Image: brejao2.jpg

Step Three: Okay we’re going to repeat the same up two rings; don’t reuse any rings from the first segment. We need this to form the center of the next mobi section.

Image: brejao3.jpg

Step Four: Continue this pattern to the end of your 2 in 1 chain.

Image: brejao4.jpg

Step Five: Repeat steps 2-4 on all the 2in1 chains you have made up for this project.

Image: brejao5.jpg

Step Six: We are going to start connecting them together now. It may help to lay them down on a table or flat surface to see the intersections better. Taking the ring we added in step two of the second chain segment, we need to connect it through the first 3 ring mobi of the first chain. Don’t add this ring through the mobi of the second chain, just the outer ring connection.

Image: brejao6.jpg

Step Seven: Continue on with the completing of the four ring mobi segments down the length of the sections.

Image: brejao7.jpg

Step Eight: Your piece should now look like this and be a fair bit more stable, though still a bit floppy.

Image: brejao8.jpg

Step Nine: Continue steps 6-7 until you have a good amount connected to each other.

Image: brejao9.jpg

Step Ten: Now we have to finish the end off. This is done in the same way as steps 6-7 but without the added section.

Image: brejao10.jpg

Step Eleven: Done, pat yourself on the back.. :P

Image: brejao11.jpg

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