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Joining Dragonscale and European 6 in 1
Article © MAIL User: Valygar

I used 3 types of rings. Two of them were used for the Dragonscale (Big ring: diameter 10mm, thickness 1.8mm; small ring: diameter 6mm, thickness about 1.2mm) and one used for European 6 in 1 (medium ring: diameter 8mm, thickness 1.8mm)*

There are four ways to connect Dragonscale and European 6 in 1.

Image: dse6_1.jpg Image: dse6_2.jpg Image: dse6_3.jpg Image: dse6_4.jpg

Starting from the first one it's just straight away making E6 from DS:

Image: dse6_5.jpg

In the first picture you can see that I added one row of the big rings and then changed to medium ones and continued E6 pattern.
It's quite easy but you should remember for the medium ring to go through one small ring in the Dragonscale exactly under the middle one of three big rings.
DS will be a little bit squeezed but it looks better than skipping one ring.

Now will be the trickier part.

Image: dse6_6.jpg

Firstly I added one row of the medium rings to the Dragonscale just to make the seam less visible.
Then I added the medium rings to go through the two rings of the last row (medium ones too)

Image: dse6_7.jpg

Now I placed 2 rings connecting the newly added ones...

Image: dse6_8.jpg

and here is the hard part. I took the small ring from the DS and connected one pair of the doubled rings with one pair from last row of the Dragonscale but it should go between the small ring belonging to DS and the firstly added ones.
I don't know if it makes any sense but maybe the picture will help.

So this is it:

Image: dse6_9.jpg


Now the two other ways to connect them. They are hmm... uglier than the first two but I didn't find any other ways to join them.
To the DS patch add 2 rows of the small rings just like in adding the new rows of the big ones:

Image: dse6_10.jpg

The ends of the patch can look like those:

Image: dse6_11.jpg Image: dse6_12.jpg

and I've chosen the first one because there is additional small ring in the corner.

Now I don't know if there is a need to comment on what I've done because the pictures show everything:

Image: dse6_13.jpg Image: dse6_14.jpg Image: dse6_15.jpg Image: dse6_16.jpg

I think it's been understandable so far. Now it's time to start E6 from this piece.

Image: dse6_17.jpg

I know... It doesn't look well right now, but the longer the seam is the better it looks:

Image: dse6_18.jpg

See? Now the hardest part I think.

Image: dse6_19.jpg

I connected the medium rings with every two rings from the DS but there's a need to remember to place the rings under the small rings in DS.

Now if you want a quicker way to get this done you should connect the newly added rings with two rings and then start weaving e6 part but I've done it in a more complicated way and then realized it can be done faster. Sorry

So... connect them with one ring and continue with E6:

Image: dse6_20.jpg Image: dse6_21.jpg

Now when you turn the patch to the other side you'll see that the rings are doubled there:

Image: dse6_22.jpg

Fill the gap with a ring and turn the patch again to the first side and you'll see the rings are doubled on this side now so to make it look better and strengthen the seam, take the shown three rings and join them with one small ring:

Image: dse6_23.jpg Image: dse6_24.jpg

The ring I used is the same as in the Dragonscale but it's way too big (I had no smaller rings). Use a ring that will fit in the gap well.
You could also place the smallest rings on the unshown side but I think the rings look better than on the other side.

That's how it looks at the end:

Image: dse6_25.jpg

*Sorry for milimeters but i don't know the exact equivalent in inches.

If something is not right feel free to write me
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