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Manually Cleaning/Polishing Chainmaille
Article © MAIL User: Nárrína

To clean/polish your jewelry/small objects without a tumbler all you need is a small water-tight container and lid, water, and dish soap (you can do this with or without metal tumbling shot). Editor's Note - Blue Dawn dish soap should be used; other colors contain chemicals which can damage the rings

After you've put everything in and put the lid on securely, gently shake the container. It only needs a gentle swirling motion similar to what it would get in a tumbler. Basically, what you are doing is turning the jar into a tumbler. The time will vary slightly depending on the size of the objects you're cleaning, but with earrings/pendants it only takes 2-3 minutes.

When finished, thoroughly rinse and dry everything off.

I've used this method to clean/polish pieces that had metals or stones in them that I wasn't certain about putting in a tumbler, such as EC and dyed pearls, and it cleaned/polished them just as well as a tumbler would have.
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