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Lotus Flower
Article © MAIL User: Corvus

Lotus Flower is basically half of a Helm Chain (Tutorial: Helm Sphere Tutorial).
I am using 1mm Bright Aluminum 6mm, 4mm & 2mm ID in this tutorial (rings marked with green are the ones you need to go through and rings marked with pink are the newly added rings).

Start with a Helm based circle, as you would for Helm Sphere, like this:
Image: lotus1.jpg

Squash it together so that it forms a kind of 'boat' shape, like this:
Image: lotus2.jpg

Notice in the pic above, the two large rings that 'fold in' towards each other, these need to be joined together with 2 small rings, like this:
Image: lotus4.jpg

You will see that there is a similar alignment on the bottom.
Image: lotus3.jpg

Do the same here by adding 2 small rings.
Image: lotus5.jpg

Turn it over again, now it needs extra rings to hold the shape stable. Add 2 more small rings (marked in pink) through the large rings marked in green.
Image: lotus6.jpg

Do the same on the other side.

Now add 2 more small rings (marked in pink) through the last ones added and the large rings marked in green.
Image: lotus7.jpg

Do the same on the other side and you're pretty much done. You can now add another ring top and bottom to suspend the 'flower' from.

Hanging from top ring:
Image: lotus8.jpg

Hanging from bottom ring:
Image: lotus9.jpg

Sorry about the slightly blurry pics.

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