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Joining Oops
(European 4 in 1 Unbalanced)
Article © MAIL User: oneringshortofafullcoil

For joining I suggest a higher AR than just general sheeting (AR of 3.3), I would go AR of 3.6 or greater, although in a sculptural context, I can see a smaller AR being used.
Take your piece, and bend it end to end, you should see this (if your rows are running in opposite directions , add one more set of five to the end you had previously been working to get this piece of Oops).

sorry bout the blurry pic, it will be replaced eventually, but I am flying on pain killers, the quality gets better
Image: pdoopsjoint1.jpg
1a.Sweet, now that you are lined up, pass one ring (in my case a blue one) through the bottom two rings on the left side.
Image: pdoopsjoint2.jpg
1b.And through the bottom most ring on t he right, now close it.(I divided step one into two parts to make it clear what I meant by, on the left, or on the right, from now on, both will occur in a single step)
Image: pdoopsjoint3.jpg
2.Now for the next ring pass it through the second ring from the bottom, on the left, and then through the three bottom most rings, on the right, then close.
Image: pdoopsjoint4.jpg
3.Now pass a ring through the three middle rings on the left, and through the single center ring on the right.
Image: pdoopsjoint5.jpg
4.Pass a ring through the second ring from the top, on the left, and through the three topmost rings on the right.
Image: pdoopsjoint6.jpg
5.Pass as ring through a the top two rings on the left, and the top ring on the right.
Image: pdoopsjoint7.jpg
You're done, also the same principle applies to joining a larger sheet of Oops, the only notable difference being that the ring connections including two rings, only occur on the outside edges, the rest will all be alternating, 1-3,3-1 except for the edges.

Hope you enjoy
feel free to ask for help if you are having trouble :]
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