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Celtic Labyrinth
Article © MAIL User: Nárrína

Celtic Labyrinth requires five different ring sizes.

(Apologies for any blurry pics.)

When I first made this weave I was using 20ga, 18ga, and 16ga (likely AWG) wire in the following ring sizes:

16ga 6mm ID rings
18ga 4mm ID rings
20ga 4mm ID rings
20ga 3.25mm ID rings
20ga 2mm ID rings

Image: stepone.jpg

Step 1: close your largest ring and eight of your second largest (of the smaller gauge) rings.

Image: steptwo.jpg

Step 2: then connect each of the sets of two rings to your largest ring using your second smallest ring size.

Image: stepthree.jpg

Step 3: fold over the second largest rings as pictured and attach two more of your third ring size (the second smallest rings) into these folded over rings just as they would be in Celtic Visions.

Image: stepfour.jpg

Step 4: Now use your smallest rings. These rings should go through all four of the second smallest rings at the corner of the unit.

Image: stepfive.jpg

Step 5: attach one of your second largest rings (of the larger gauge) the ends of the unit as pictured above. The new rings should go between the two old rings.

Image: stepsix.jpg

Step 6: Now attach two more of the second largest ring size (smaller gauge) to one of the new end rings with two of your second smallest rings.

Image: stepseven.jpg

Step 7: Fold over the second largest rings as pictured above and attach two more of your second smallest rings to them.

Image: stepeight.jpg

Step 8: Now attach a ring of your largest size through the two rings your just added just as you would if making Celtic Visions.

Image: stepnine.jpg

Step 9: Add three more sets of rings just as you did back in step 2.

Image: stepten.jpg

Step 10: Again, just as in step 3, fold over the second largest rings and attach to each set two more of your second smallest rings.

Image: stepeleven.jpg

Step 11:Now attach four of your smallest rings to the corners of the new unit just as you did for the first one in set 4.

Image: steptwelve.jpg

Step 12: Add to the end of your new unit another of your second largest rings of the larger gauge.

Image: celticlabyrinthbracelet.jpg
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