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Joining European 6 in 1
Article © MAIL User: smartguy2000ca

This is assuming the European 6 in 1 has already been completed, and is simply waiting to be joined:

Two pieces of E6-1 are lying together, with the grains aligned and matching. Two extra rings are needed to complete a single set (3 rows of base weave) for each additional set (2 rows of weave) two additional rings are required.
It can be seen that on each end of the weave there are four incomplete rings to which the two will be added. Each side has two edge rings with only one centre row ring passing through, and two edge rings with two centre rings passing through.
Image: joining6-1_1.jpg

The first loose rings is passed through all four rings of one side.
Image: joining6-1_2.jpg

Next, the loose ring is weaved through the first two edge rings on the other side. These rings are the two that have only one centre rings passing through.
Image: joining6-1_3.jpg

The ring is then closed. It can be seen that there is still slack in the weave. This is where the additional loose ring is placed.
Image: joining6-1_4.jpg

I personally weave the ring in up from the bottom, however, it can be fed through from the top like a screw, feeding down through three rings, then back up through three rings.
Image: joining6-1_5.jpg

The final ring is closed and the joint is complete.
Image: joining6-1_6.jpg

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