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Horse Feathers
Article © MAIL User: Corvus

Horse Feathers is pretty straightforward and if you already know Half Persian 3 in 1 this will be a breeze.

For this tutorial I am using 1.2mm copper wire 6mm ID (AR of 5).

Start with a Half Persian 3in1 chain just a tad longer than you want the finished article, Horsefeathers will not make much shorter so like I said just a fraction longer.
Image: horsefeathers1.jpg

Turn the chain a quarter turn towards you and look for the 'eye' on the edge of the chain.
Image: horsefeathers2.jpg

Add an open ring going through the 'eye' marked in green...
Image: horsefeathers3.jpg

...and out through the next 'eye' along on the opposite side. Remember not to go out through the exact opposite 'eye' but the next one along the chain, marked in green.
Image: horsefeathers4.jpg

Do exactly the same with the next open ring in the next 'eyes' along the chain.
Image: horsefeathers5.jpg

Rinse, repeat.
Image: horsefeathers6.jpg

And you're done.
Image: horsefeathers7.jpg
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