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Dragon Keychain Tutorial
Article © MAIL User: Derailed

Dragon key chain tutorial by Derailed.

If you want your own pocket dragon as seen here just follow along.

Image: dragonfob4.jpg

This project is made with 18g 3/16" and 1/8" stainless steel rings, and small anodized aluminum scales.

This guide references a few weaves. The guides for those weaves can be found in the M.A.I.L. library:

E4-1 (European 4 in 1):
European 4 in 1 (Ribbon)

HP3-1 (Half Persian 3 in 1):
Half Persian 3 in 1 (CGI)

Comparison of HP3-1 opposing weaves (left and right):
Half Persian 3 in 1: Right Leaning vs. Left Leaning

Box Chain (Ring Flip Method)


Being familiar with these weaves is necessary to follow this guide successfully.

Now let's begin.

Image: dfobtutorial1.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial2.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial3.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial4.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial5.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial6.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial7.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial8.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial9.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial10.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial11.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial12.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial13.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial14.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial15.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial16.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial17.jpg
Image: dfobtutorial18.jpg

Good Luck.

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