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Moon Twist - Variations of an Old Theme
Article © MAIL User: ZiLi

Many of you already know "Harvest Moon" also known as "Tomato Sandwich". This weave is one of my personal favorites, and receivers of bracelets, etc. made by me using this weave like it as well. But there had to be more. Shown here are two variants of its descendant "Moon Twist"; a 'straight' one made from Stainless AR5.2 rings, and a 45deg rotated variant, made from AR4.9 Bright Aluminium rings. In fact, this weave works, like Harvest Moon down to an AR of around 4.6 to 4.7, and looks best below 5.0; but up to 6.0 or so shouldn't pose a problem.

Image: moontwist0.jpg

To the Explanation of Moon Twist...
The top sample chain in the following image shows classic Harvest Moon for comparison. Basically, HM consists of four ring 'cells', that are held together with interlinked rings of adjacent cells - these cells are rotated 90 degrees against each other, so the weave pattern repeats every eight rings. If you make that weave yourself (tutorial to be found here on Mailleartisans (Harvest Moon or Tomato Sandwich (CGI)), but I prefer the stitching method, adding ring by ring), you will know what I try to explain.

Then I decided to make stable six ring cells by adding the two rings that normally belong to the neighbor cells, and to interlink these six-ring cells "two in two". In fact I did NOT make complete six ring cells to link them thereafter, but made only the starter cell and just added the rings to build up the follow-up cells ring by ring.

Image: moontwistc2.jpg

There are four variants of this weave, as the intersection of two crossed ring pairs can be made in these four variants - note the orientation of the bright Aluminium ring pairs on both sides of the colored quadruples.

And btw: This applies to some other weaves with crossed cell end rings as well.

Image: moontwistcv.jpg

The both 45° and the straight variant work very well, but the 90° one unfortunately exhibits two a bit 'loose' rings (red and blue) - maybe an orbital around the four connection rings (INSIDE, around the crossing; and made from a bit thinner wire, on the same mandrel) could work to 'tame' them. And not to forget: for 90 degree connections you can always revert to the weave's ancestor, so this one is shown here more for completeness.

If there are questions, tell them in this discussion thread.

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