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Article © MAIL User: Corvus

Sweetpea is weave named and probably created by Dylon White. It is deceptively easy.
Added rings marked in blue.

I am using 1.2mm copper 5mm ID (an AR of 4 - 4.2 is good for this weave).

Step 1.
Join 2 rings to 2 more rings, like this:
Image: sp1.jpg

Step 2.
Add another ring.
Image: sp2.jpg

Step 3.
Like you would for Full Persian 6 in 1, add another ring on the opposite side to the single ring you just added, going through the first double set, in between the other double set and through the opposite single ring. Like this:
Image: sp3.jpg

Step 4.
Next add a single ring to one of the other single rings (it doesn't matter which side you choose). Pass the ring in between the double rings and through the single ring.
Image: sp4.jpg

Step 5.
Add 2 open rings with 2 closed rings, like this.
Image: sp5.jpg

Step 6.
Do the same as you did in Step 3, like this.
Image: sp6.jpg

Rinse repeat

Image: sp7.jpg
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