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Article © MAIL User: Corvus

This is a tutorial for Narrina's Crotalus weave.

Crotalus is very like Viperscale, being familiar with Viperscale may help you make this weave but you don't need to know it. There is a very good tut for Viperscale on Phong's site here:

Crotalus works well with an AR of 4 up to 5. For this tutorial I am using 1.2mm copper rings 5mm ID AR of 4.1

New rings marked in blue.

Step 1.
Start with 3 rings joined together like this.
Image: cro1.jpg

Step 2.
Then add a ring around the eye on the right, like this.
Image: cro3.jpg

Step 3.
Add another ring through the last added ring and around the eye on the left, like this.
Image: cro5.jpg

Step 4.
Next ring goes up through the ring on the right and down through the left ring (in other words around the eye created by the last two rings), like this.
Image: cro7.jpg

Step 5.
Add a ring down through the bottom right ring and the last added ring. Like this.
Image: cro9.jpg

Step 6.
Do the same on the other side, like this.
Image: cro11.jpg

Step 7.
Is a repeat of Step 2.
Image: cro13.jpg

Step 8.
Is a repeat of Step 3.
Image: cro15.jpg

Step 9.
Is a repeat of Step 4.
Image: cro17.jpg

Step 10.
Is a repeat of Step 5 & Step 6.
Image: cro19.jpg

By now you should have a fairly stable piece of the weave and be able to see the pattern clearly.

To continue the chain just keep repeating Steps 2 through to 6.

Image: cro20.jpg

Image: cro21.jpg

Image: cro22.jpg

Image: cro23.jpg
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