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Starting GSG-Style Half Persian 3 Sheet 6 in 1 - The Easy Way
Article © MAIL User: ZiLi

There are continued questions being asked about STARTING a simple GSG in the first place - this seems to be a show stopper for some people to make several other weaves that are based on GSG construction, that is basically a HP3-1S6 (Half Persian 3 Sheet 6 in 1) woven "sideways". As I feel not able to describe it in written words as a real tutorial, I will show my simplest method (there are quicker ones I know and use) for creation of a GSG as photo strip; in this example as three-column piece - other widths are easy to make if the principle is known.

First start with a piece of European 4 in 1 a bit longer than the to-be-created GSG shall be wide. So you have something to grab, that holds the weave stable in the beginning. After that make a simple HP3-1 (Half Persian 3 in 1) seam, as is shown in tutorials already published by others - just follow the "through the eye, then around the eye" rule. Make it only two rings long if a standard GSG shall be created, or three for a 'GSG-3', and so on. The example shown here will become a GSG-3, a very interesting weave for making stretchy claspless bracelets, as a rubber band can pulled through the closed piece. But joining GSG (or even multi-row variants of) will not be shown here, as it is not really easy - neither to explain, nor to photograph.
Image: gsgxtut1.jpg
Image: gsgxtut2.jpg
Image: gsgxtut3.jpg

After that, start the second half-row by 'seaming the seam' - again following the "through the eye, around the eye" rule. And add more rows in repeating manner, until a sufficient length is reached to have a stable, easy to follow and repeat weave.
Image: gsgxtut4.jpg
Image: gsgxtut5.jpg
Image: gsgxtut6.jpg

Thereafter the E4-1 starter can be removed, and voilĂ , you have your GSG...
Image: gsgxtut7.jpg

Once you achieved doing GSGs in this ORAAT method, you will maybe find the speed weaving method using preclosed rings for every second half-row. But find it yourself - I won't explain this :D
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