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Full Persian 6 in 1 Split Hearts
Article © MAIL User: Charon

Full Persian Split Hearts.
Image: fphearts00.jpg

Start with a Full Persian 6 in 1 chain and continue a split with enough units to bow around and nearly touch one another. And remove what starter chain you needed before the split, so you should have one normal unit then a splitting unit to form the upper point.

Image: fphearts01.jpg

The tighter your AR here, the wider and flatter your arcs are going to be. The example here is in 20ga 3/16".

If you're adding a drop of some sort inside the heart, this is a good time while you still have room to work.

Now we're going to make the merge. You're building an improper FP split, backwards.

Pass a ring between each of your two vertical rings at the ends of your chain, these will be the vertical rings of the merging unit, shown here tinted blue.

Image: fphearts02.jpg

Now these are the only two tricky rings. You're adding a pair of horizontal rings around the eyes made by the red rings. Which are your new vertical rings from the last step, and the vertical rings from the ends of the proper FP chain.

Remember there's one on both sides of the chain. New rings are tinted blue again.

Image: fphearts03.jpg

Now that that's done, we need one last unit to make the lower point more... pointy.

Add your two horizontal rings, again in blue, to the end as you normally would.

Image: fphearts04.jpg

And your last two rings break the pattern a little and go inside of the vertical red rings rather than outside.

Image: fphearts05.jpg

Another good place to add a drop.

These will hold their heart shape on their own when hanging, The bottom half or so has a little bit of free room
to sway around but as long as you don't intentionally turn the thing inside out, it will always be a heart.

Special thanks to Legba for encouraging me. Chaos, Yuniko, and Sugarface for knocking my rings off the table while I wasn't looking.
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