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Celtic Star
Article © MAIL User: Kahuna

Celtic Star is very similar to Celtic Visions, except that there isn't a connecting ring between each unit, and I start with the center ring instead of a chain.

Rings: 18awg 3/16", 20awg 1/8", 22awg 3/32"

1. Close 10 of the 1/8" rings, and string them onto another 1/8" ring (the center ring)
Image: cstut1.jpg

2. Take 5 of the 3/16" rings, and put one of them through each pair of 1/8" rings from step 1. These become the center rings, or the "meat" of the sandwich.
Image: cstut2.jpg

3. Now for the "bread" - take 5 more 3/16" rings, and put them through the same 1/8" rings as you put rings through in step 2, but so that the step 3 big rings overlap those from step 2.
Image: cstut3.jpg

4. Repeat step 3 on the other side, so that the new rings (blue rings in step 3) sandwich the rings from step 2.

5. Put 1/8" rings through each "eye" around the outside (purple rings are the doubled ones).
Image: cstut4.jpg

6. Tilt the outer rings towards the doubled rings, and connect each pair with a 3/32" ring.
Image: cstut5.jpg
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