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Joining Half Persian 3 in 1
(On a Wire)
Article © MAIL User: DruidQueen

So a long time ago I promised a few people that I’d write this article on connecting Half Persian 3 in 1 on a wire. I’m kind of busy/slow sometimes, but I finally managed to get it done. :P

Yes, I know this is supposed to be on a wire. I used slightly giant copper rings for this, and in order to make sure that the “wire” could be seen, I used hairsticks. So, while it says wire, it will be on a hairstick. You can use a wire instead of a hair thing, it’s okay.

Step 1.
Take the two ends of the weave and slide them onto the hairstick so that they look like this.

Image: hp1.jpg

Step 2.
Open a ring. Slide it through one of the rings on the upper row of rings. The upper row is the row that the hair stick goes through. When you’re sliding the new ring through the upper ring, make sure that it doesn’t go through any of the lower rings.

Image: hp2.jpg

Step 3.
That open ring in the middle is the same ring that you were playing with in Step 2. Continue sliding it through the top ring on the right side and thread it through the end top ring on the opposite end of the chain. When you pass it through the ring on the opposite side, make sure that it goes underneath the ring on the bottom row.

Image: hp3.jpg

Step 4.
Close the ring that you just put on. You see how it follows the slanted thing on the bottom row? The left side of each bottom ring is on top, then the right side is on the bottom, and each consecutive ring on the bottom row does the same. If it’s on the top on the right side, you will need to wiggle it under. If the AR on your rings is too small for wiggling, you’ll have to take it out from that side and replace it correctly.

Image: hp4.jpg

Step 5.
See that hole that the pencil is pointing at? You’re going to be using it in the next step. Make sure that you find it on the piece of weave that you’re working on. (This is where I messed up connecting this for a long time. That’s why I’m taking special care to point it out.)

Image: hp5.jpg

Step 6.
Slide a ring through the hole from the previous step. Now, do you see that first ring you put on? If you look from it to the ring on the bottom row directly to the left of it, you will see an oval-like shape. Through this oval passes a ring. This divides the oval into two parts, a front part and a back part. The bottom end of the open ring will pass through the back hole in the oval in the next step. IE, keep your eye on that spot. :P

Image: hp6.jpg

Step 7.
You see how the bottom half of that open ring went? It passed in the back half of the oval. It went behind the ring on the top row on the left of it. If it doesn’t follow the under, over, under, over pattern of the rest of the top row of rings, you’ll have to either wiggle it around or pull it out and try again.

Image: hp7.jpg

Step 8.
Now when you flip it over, you can see the ring that the pencil is pointing at. This ring has to go inside the bottom row of rings, like it does in the picture. You can see how the pattern on the back should continue. It may seem obvious to keep saying that the pattern is supposed to continue the same way, but Half Persian weaves aren’t very friendly with me, so it took me forever to get the patterns to continue. The moral of the story is to make sure the pattern continues.

Image: hp8.jpg

Step 9.
Close that open ring. Pull out the hairstick, and your weave should be connected. Tada! And my messy desk comes free in the deal. Take it. Clean it. Please. :P

Image: hp9.jpg

There you are. I hope this helps somewhat. If you have any questions or comments about this or any of my tutorials, feel free to PM or email me. want2write2(at)
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