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Sprite Chain
Article © MAIL User: MaxumX

I like this one myself, so best to share it with everyone.

Sprite Chain.

Ring sizes: 16g AWG (1.2mm) 1/4ID (6.3mm) AR of approx 5 and 18g AWG (1mm) 1/6ID (4mm) AR of approx 4.

FirstStep: Build a 2in2 chain alternating from 20g to 18g rings.
Image: sprite01.jpg

StepTwo: This ring is need later, but I've added it now, you may weave this ring on after step #4. it is orbital at this stage.
Image: sprite02.jpg

StepThree: now we get to work with those 20g, add two ring the the center section like so.
Image: sprite03.jpg

StepFour: Here we do the above again but the both the two prior rings.
Image: sprite04.jpg

SetpFive: Now add that ring from step 2 if needed, and fold over the top two 20g rings to hold it in place.
Image: sprite05.jpg

StepSix: This is the hard part. Be sure you get this ring through all the different layers of this weave it has to pass through the orbital ring, the ring you folded over in step 5 and the large rings in step one.
Image: sprite06.jpg

StepSeven: Do that once more for the other side.
Image: sprite07.jpg

StepEight: Mirror this on the opposing face of the weave.
Image: sprite08.jpg

StepNine: Continue down the chain and repeat previous steps.
Image: sprite09.jpg

That should do ya!
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