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Double Spiral Half Byz+1
Article © MAIL User: oneringshortofafullcoil

To learn the Double spiral Half Byz+1 weave you should already know Double Spiral (Spiral 8 in 2) and Byzantine (or Half Byzantine Plus One). An AR of 5 is perfect for this weave, but err on the side of caution: 5.1 works just fine, 4.9 won’t.

This weave features 1mm wire, the rings are 5.0mm ID.

Copper = rings already used.
Sterling = the ring you are working with (for that step).

1. Start by making a strip of Double Spiral, four pairs of rings long.

Image: pddshb1.jpg

2. Take the two rings on the end, and flip them back onto the rings behind them, Byzantine style (this works, no matter which end you choose, or which direction you are spiraling, so no stress :D )

Image: pddshb2.jpg

3. Lock your flipped rings into position (as in Byzantine) with the next ring, as shown. Those of you finding it too tight can get away with a single connector here. The rest of you, double it up!

Image: pddshb3.jpg

4. Repeat, until desired length is reached.

Image: pddshb4.jpg

If you have any questions, comments, or other feedback, send me a PM

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