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Celtic Strap
Article © MAIL User: lorraine

Here is a tutorial for making Celtic Strap. It's a great jewelry weave.

Large rings - AWG 16g/6.0mm
Small rings - AWG 18g/4.0mm
18awg/4.75 and 20awg/3.25 are good sizes to use as well.

Copper rings are the ones added in each step.

1. Start by making a strip of Celtic Visions like in this picture. There are a couple of tutorials here at M.A.I.L.
Image: celticstrap1.jpg

2. Add two small rings to each large ring on the ends.
Image: celticstrap2.jpg

3. Place two closed small rings on an open large ring. Add this large ring to all of the small rings at the bottom except the ones on each end. Leave these small rings on each end dangling until the next step.
Image: celticstrap3.jpg

4. Add a large ring through one of the small danglers from the previous step and through the small ring next to it. Turn your work over and add another large ring through the same two small rings.
Image: celticstrap4a.jpg   Image: celticstrap4b.jpg

5. Move the closest small ring that is hanging from the bottom into position between the two large rings you just added in step 4. (It becomes the cross ring that is "sandwiched" between the large rings.) Now put a small ring through the bottom of all three large rings in your sandwich.
Image: celticstrap5.jpg

6. Place two closed small rings on an open large ring. Add this ring by going up through the sandwich, up through the cross ring, then through the small ring on top, and finally out through the top of the sandwich.
Image: celticstrap6.jpg

7. Put the last small ring into the three large rings at the bottom of the sandwich.
Image: celticstrap7.jpg

8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 on the other end to complete the row.

Image: celticstrap8.jpg

9. Repeat steps 3 through 8 as many times as it takes.

Please let me know if anything is unclear or needs to be changed in
this tutorial. I want it to be helpful, not confusing.
Happy mailling!
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