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European 4 in 1: Expanding Circle
(Fill in Core)
Article © MAIL User: wasted_druid

European 4 in 1 Circular Expansion

Okay, here's the way I do circular expansion. I start by closing thirty-two rings. That's right, thirty-two. Oh, by the way, I'm playing with the school's digital camera so I have helpful little pictures along the way.
Image: 32rings.jpg
Then I make a Euro 4-1 chain out of those rings.
Image: 4in1chain.jpg
Close the chain into a loop.
Image: chainring.jpg
Okay, here comes the part that I really don't know if I can explain. Oi vey. For every two links on the inside of the loop, connect them with one link. Just look at the picture. Words can't describe what I want to say. ;)
Image: innerrow.jpg
Now join those eight links together with one central link. I usually double that link for added strength.
Image: centerlink.jpg
There you go. Circular expansion.Okay, now to expand it indefinitely: this is your 3rd row. Connect groups of 3 links to every 2 links in the outer row. Again, look at the picture.
Image: 1strow.jpg
All right, now the next row is just regular 4-1.
Image: 2ndrow.jpg
Your next row is your 4th row. Connect groups of 4 to every 3 in the outer row.
Image: 3rdrow.jpg
And again the next row is just 4-1.
Image: 4throw.jpg
And so on and so forth. I don't think you'll ever have it stop working. Not that I have the patience to find out. Oh well. I do have one tip. The bigger you get, it'll really start to look like an octagon unless you offset the expansions. Does that make any sense? You'll probably figure it out even if it doesn't.
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