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Article © MAIL User: hysteria101

Oh the mysteries of the strangest form of chainmaille. One of the most complicated weaves I know, Strangemaille is certainly confusing to an extreme degree.

We start with a five-let, or a four-in-one positioned strangely.
Image: 1.jpg

Then we will attach the green ring to the two red rings (sorry I only have MS paint on my computer):
Image: 2.jpg
Like here:
Image: 3.jpg

Then we attach another green ring with two rings to the red rings here:
Image: 4.jpg
Like this:
Image: 5.jpg

And we attach green to red again with the two closed rings like here:
Image: 6.jpg
And we get this:
Image: 7.jpg

We repeat these steps as shown:
Image: 8.jpg
Image: 9.jpg
Image: 10.jpg
Image: 11.jpg

And it can continue like this until you have a chain of any length.

Part two: Strange Sheet

We have corresponding strange strings parallel to each other like:
Image: 12.jpg

Notice the wave in each string, it’s very important.

Then we will attach the green ring to the three red rings:
Image: 13.jpg
So it will look like:
Image: 14.jpg

We will take another ring and attach it to the four red rings:
Image: 15.jpg
So we will have :
Image: 16.jpg

And again we take a ring and attach it the four red rings:
Image: 17.jpg
To have:
Image: 18.jpg

And we continue this process:
Image: 19.jpg
Image: 20.jpg
And so forth until we get a sheet.
Image: 21.jpg

Ok so I know it’s confusing, but here are some pointers, or pattern tips
- In the string the pattern shifts from a normal European to a Oops.
- I started with an Oops “clover” right side up, and then I made an up-side down clover, and finally a regular butterfly (normal European).
- So the constant pattern is up, down, butter and so on.
- When attaching two strings make sure the wave lines up.
- And remember, this is still a form of European 4 in 1, so each ring will intersect four others, unless it is a border ring.

If you have any question or comments please feel free to contact me. I don’t bite unless you want me to.

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