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Simple Twin Pressure Hook Clasp
Article © MAIL User: A1991bluedragon

This clasp is not as attractive or intricate as some I have seen on here but it worked well for my needs and I think some of you may like it as well. Not to mention its simple to make and holds EXTREMELY well without being a pain to clasp one-handed.

~First get yourself a spare bit o' wire and place it into your mandrel bending one wrap around the mandrel like you meant to make one ring. Needle-nosed pliers work but it's nice to have the back end of your clasp the same size as the ring the project your attaching the clasp to was made with.
Image: maille1.gif
~Now cut off the little piece of excess inside the "ring" flush with the side. It should look like this. A "ring" with a little bar coming out.
Image: maille2.gif
~Very nice. Now judge the distance that your clasp needs to cover to securely fasten the jewelry project your making it for. In my case it was slightly over a centimeter. After cutting it off so it can match that distance after being bent, bend the base of the "protrusion" up a bit as if you were going to wrap the wire around the circumference of the "ring". Then bend the tip of the wire protrusion back the other direction to where it ALMOST bends in on itself. The end result kind of reminds me of a treble clef. It should look like this.
Image: maille3.gif
~Nice, now make another that's almost an exact clone of your first. Attach them in a convenient location that lets them attach to a ring in a "V" shape. Remember to invert them. One hook should open up the other should open down.
Image: maille4.gif
Then make something for them to clasp onto. This can be as intricate as you like. I have added to vertical rings making a similar "V" shape with a horizontal ring running through them that the hooks can clasp on to. Simple yet efficient I think. Doesn't look half bad.
Finished product...
Image: maille5.gif Image: maille6.gif Image: maille7.gif
Well, hope you found it useful.
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