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Armour for a Crisis Situation
Article © MAIL User: Atrixium

It was early 2006 and my life decided to take a dramatic and dizzying turn.

Working long, early hours to keep the rent paid for my wife and I had become very taxing and it was beginning to show in my work. As the years had ground on and the politics worsened I began to become disillusioned with my work.

In January 2007 I finally paid the price for my abuse of self: I began nodding off at work randomly and without warning, a mild form of narcolepsy I'm told.

A week of inadvertently passing out at work got noticed by some of the higher ups and cost me my job, leaving me in a quite a state of panic. Without my job I had no way to keep us fed and housed and I had no savings to speak of.

When I arrived at home it became very clear that I would no longer have to worry about feeding two people. My wife had decided that six months of marriage was enough and decided to end our 6 year relationship by emptying my house.

The ensuing depression nearly killed me, I was at my end with no respite in sight, unable to find work and living in the detritus of my home. Heartbroken, poor and miserable I was a wreck and I had far too much time on my hands.

I began to fill my days watching cartoons, watching my physique decay and my hair and beard become scraggly and rough. Eventually I got to a point where I was sick of myself and needed to change something, anything to get me moving and working. I searched through the internet and tried my hands at some crafts. I went through three or four things that didn't really grab me when I remembered something my younger brother had tried to do in high school: chainmaille.

I didn't know it then but this was to be the catalyst for a complete change of self.

As I taught myself and became more and more proficient with my chainmaille my life became increasingly more difficult. Divorce proceedings, family issues, car accidents, debt, it was all crashing down around me but I had found my peace. I was able to calm myself through my maille, almost like a form of meditation. It was the one thing in my life I had complete control over.

Eventually the bad wore on and slowly got better. By creating items of substance with my chainmaille I began to feel more confident in myself and more secure. When I landed a new job everything finally began to settle into place.

Now I'm here, writing this article, a year and a half or so later in the end of 2008 and my life is finally returning to a semblance of balance.

I firmly believe that I owe everything that I have in my life right now to the weaving of chainmaille and the centering effect that it has on me. As a neat bonus I'm also now able to make unique gifts for my friends and family!

I seriously recommend chainmaille to those in need of a calming, centering hobby that provides its own rewards in the form of skill, crafts and knowledge.

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