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Article © MAIL User: Zjef

I made this tutorial “tussen de soep en de patatten” (West-Flemish dialect, literal translation: “between the soup and the potatoes”, means: “while busy with other things”) so, sorry the bad quality of the pictures. I hope the tutorial itself is clear enough.

Tri-Orbitwist is a spiraling chain by Coyote. Each segment has 8 rings. The rings used in this tutorial are 1.5 mm galvy rings with an ID of 10 mm (AR of 6.67). This makes a very loose weave. Maybe there is a faster way to make this weave, but this one is easy to make.

Step 1:

Connect 2 open rings to three closed rings (these are the only three pre-closed rings we’ll need).

Image: 01.jpg

Step 2:

Add one orbital ring.

Image: 02a.jpg

Repeat for the other two sides.

Image: 02b.jpg

Step 3:

Put a new ring through the two vertical rings. Make sure you go through both of them.

Image: 03a.jpg

Repeat for the other two sides. Make sure you add them on the same side. In this example they are all right turning.

Image: 03b.jpg

Step 4:

Put a ring through the three rings you added in step 3.

Image: 04.jpg

Step 5:

Double the ring you added in step 4.

Image: 05.jpg

Step 6:

Now add an orbital ring in the same way you added them in step 2.

Image: 06a.jpg

Repeat this on the other two sides.

Image: 06b.jpg

From the side it now looks like this. Notice that the orbital rings form a V-shape on the sides.

Image: 06c.jpg

Step 7:

Repeat step 3 to 6 as many times as you want. If you keep adding the rings in step 3 on the same side, you will notice the chain starts to spiral.

This piece is 5 segments long:

Image: 07.jpg


Image: 08.jpg
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