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European 7 in 1 Unbalanced
Article © MAIL User: Clawe

As the name says, this is a European weave, although it may not look like one at the first view.
It'll also be super-tight and consumes rings like hell if done with a good low AR (low for this weave). If someone does something out of this, I would be truly proud :)

First of all you'll need rings with an AR of 5 or bigger.
Maybe a bigger ID will make it a bit easier if you attempt this weave the first time.

Start with a piece of 2 in 1 chain. I took 15 rings, which makes the end sheer about 45 mm long.

Lay it out like so:

Image: clawe_euro7in1unbalanced1.jpg

Now add a ring through the first 2 rings on the left side, like this:

Image: clawe_euro7in1unbalanced2.jpg

Take another link and pass it through the first 3 links on the left side. The ring in the previous step was added in the same manner but lacking of enough rings, it only takes 2.
After this ring it should look like this:

Image: clawe_euro7in1unbalanced3.jpg

If you fold the back part of the chain we already worked on, it'll look like this:

Image: clawe_euro7in1unbalanced4.jpg

Continue to the rest of the chain as used to by the last link.
If done correctly you'll have something that looks like this:

Image: clawe_euro7in1unbalanced5.jpg

You may find it useful to stab a stick through the thing you've done.
Pick the links on the (at the beginning) right side. Don't pick the ones added in the last few steps, but only the ones that pass 2 links each.
Watch this:

Image: clawe_euro7in1unbalanced6.jpg

Take a ring and put it under the stick (if added) and through the 3 left-most rings in the previous 2 (!!) rows.

Image: clawe_euro7in1unbalanced7.jpg

Take another one and put him in like the one before. But instead of taking 3 rings with it, take 5. (as in the first step, there simply aren't the rings take 3 with the first one)
To give you an idea how it should look:

Image: clawe_euro7in1unbalanced8.jpg

If you prefer to go without the stick you'll have something like this (soooo sorry, blurry pic):

Image: clawe_euro7in1unbalanced9.jpg

Continue to the end of the row.
The last 2 rings have a special rule again.
The one before the last one will only take 4 rings.

Image: clawe_euro7in1unbalanced10.jpg

The last will only take 2 rings.

Image: clawe_euro7in1unbalanced11.jpg

Now pass a new link through 2 links of the row added before the last one. Look here:

Image: clawe_euro7in1unbalanced12.jpg

Another view:

Image: clawe_euro7in1unbalanced13.jpg

Now continue to the end of the row.

Image: clawe_euro7in1unbalanced14.jpg

And you're done!
To continue the sheet in width, simply redo the steps with the rings laying in the other direction.
To continue in length (which is a HUGE pain to try normally) add the 2 in 1 chain to where you started and add links as you would do to continue in width.
Once you internalised this, this is as easy as any other European weave.
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