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Dragonscale Expansion
(Vertical Direction)
Article © MAIL User: Clawe


Although this expansion is pretty much straight-forward, I choose to write a tutorial. I'm sure anyone of you will find it useful.

Maybe some of you ask yourselves, why this is named vertical expansion, as the expanding part runs in the horizontal direction. But the direction that is expanded is vertical, which was my reason to call it that way. (sorry for repeating this, but it's important for me)

What you'll need:
- Few rows of Dragonscale
- Rings in your standard ds-size (this one runs with normal sized *woohoo*)
- Pliers

The rings in this tutorial are all Stainless Steel:
1mm wire with 6mm ID
1,6 mm wire with 8 mm ID

By following this tutorial, you'll actually add 2 rows and not only one. If you need only one, stop reading, until it's too late!
If you've found a way to add only one, contact me or write a tutorial yourself :)

Aaaaand Action!

Start by taking your piece of Dragonscale, which should have an edge like this: (you're lucky, this time I gave you a look from the side AND from the top)

Image: clawe_expandingdragonscalevertical3.jpg

Now continue by adding rings. One of the rings should be doubled (without that it'll be hard to expand^^ ).
Compare with this:

Image: clawe_expandingdragonscalevertical6.jpg

Now let's take a closer look at the doubled ring-connection.
If you took 2 different wires, you should be able to take the left version. (Both links go through both doubled rings)
If you have only one wire size and only fitting IDs, you probably won't be able to do it the left way. Do it like it's shown on the right. (Each link takes only of the doubled rings).

Image: clawe_expandingdragonscalevertical9.jpg

The next thing to add is the next row.
You'll have to put a ring between the doubled ones. (This is the place, were you add the 2nd row)
Take a small link and place him in that way, that he's surrounded by one of the doubled. Put a new link in the middle between the doubled ones and connect like you're used to. (The small link will only go through 3 rings. It'll be impossible to place a link in the expansion-area).
Take another little one and connect the least added big link with the rings behind the one of the doubled links, you haven't put a ring through yet.
(This sounds confusing. Look at the picture and you'll hopefully understand)
As an alternative you can say: Place a link between the doubled ones and connect him in standard-ds-manner. Hope this will do it.

Should look like this:

Image: clawe_expandingdragonscalevertical12.jpg

I tried to take a pic of the last step, but none of them was good to explain the process.

After you got this far, simply continue normal Dragonscale.

Easy, wasn't it? c:)
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