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Dragonscale Expansion
(Horizontal Direction)
Article © MAIL User: Clawe

Hi to all of you who are reading this :D

Maybe some of you ask yourselves, why this is named expanding horizontal, as the expanding part runs in the vertical direction. But the direction that is expanded is horizontal.
First of all, I'll list what you'll need to follow this article and get a good result:

- A piece of Dragonscale that should be expanded (who would have expected that o_0)
- 3 Rings of the same wire as your large rings, but with a smaller ID (the same ID as the small rings should work)
- Pliers

The rings in this tutorial are all Stainless Steel:
1mm wire with 6mm ID
1,6 mm wire with 6 mm ID (the 3 you'll need)
1,6 mm wire with 8 mm ID

So far with the theoretical part, now let's actually DO something ^^ :

First of all, take your prepared piece of Dragonscale, which should look like this (you don't have necessarily to let the 2 strands stand at the side. I just had a piece that was already finished and took these few lines out):

Image: clawe_expandingdragonscalehorizontal1.jpg

Now if you have one like this, start the true expanding process by adding these to links, as you're used to by normal Dragonscale (they are painted red, you should be able to find them ^^)

Image: clawe_expandingdragonscalehorizontal2.jpg

Now that you are focused to the happening-area by the previous step, it think i can leave the rings blank :)
Here's the first thing that's different to normal Dragonscale:
Take 2 of your small rings(the ones of the big wire) and place each through only 1 of the links added previously :

Image: clawe_expandingdragonscalehorizontal3.jpg

Again something very easy^^
Add one link at each side in the standard-ds-manner:

Image: clawe_expandingdragonscalehorizontal4.jpg

Add 2 of your smaller links and make them sure to go "around the eye" formed by the rings added 2 steps ago. If you don't know what around eye means, let the picture talk for itself.

Image: clawe_expandingdragonscalehorizontal5.jpg

Put in your last 'special-size'link through these 2. (This is somewhat close to Viperscale, i just realized *shock*)

Image: clawe_expandingdragonscalehorizontal6.jpg

The rest is very easy-going. Continue the normal Dragonscale sheet as you're used to.
Note: You can't add a small ring through the small link you added in. Just leave it out.

Image: clawe_expandingdragonscalehorizontal7.jpg

And at the end I got a picture of the finished thing with one cover-layer above it.

Image: clawe_expandingdragonscalehorizontal8.jpg

The little buckle the forms will disappear after a few rows, but i think you can avoid it by using the small wire for the 3 links that don't fit in the normal ds-rules. (if you have only one size of wire for your Dragonscale, this will be kind of hard. Take thinner wire than normal anyway)

The rings used in this tutorial are only used in this size, because that's the normal thing for me to make Dragonscale of. So I'm not able to give you information about the AR-relationships that you'll need to built this.

As this is my first tutorial, I hope not to have made to many mistakes and to have written it readable.
Greetz Clawe
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