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Article © MAIL User: oneringshortofafullcoil

This weave is made the same way Bee Stings is but with an extra, smaller ring.
In this example I am using 14g (awg) galvy 3/8 id for the large ring and 16g (awg) 1/4 id for the smaller ring.

1. First off take one open large ring and fish it through 1 large, 1small, two large, 1 small ring and one large closed rings.
Image: pdstaircase1.jpg
It should look like this:
Image: pdstaircase2.jpg
2. Next fish one open large ring through all three rings on either one of the ends (it’s your choice), to that add one large ,one small, one large closed rings.
Image: pdstaircase3.jpg
Repeat this process(1,3,1,3,1,3,1,3,1) till the chain is just a little longer than you want it, making sure the chain ends in a single ring at each end.
Image: pdstaircase4.jpg
3. Now take the two large rings on either side of the small one and push them in opposite
directions and pass a large ring through them so they stay that way.
Image: pdstaircase5.jpg
4. Flip the chain and repeat step three (note: the two rings are already pushed apart, you need only pass the ring through them).
Image: pdstaircase6.jpg
5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 till you reach the end of the chain and voila!
If there is anything you don’t understand or comments how this tut could be improved please PM me, as always

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