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Half Byzantine Plus One
Article © MAIL User: oneringshortofafullcoil

Half Byzantine Plus One
This is a simple but beautiful weave. I have found it looks really good an AR of 3.3 (this is at the lower end of this weave).

Each individual unit is requires 3 open rings and 4 closed rings.
Image: pdhalfbyzantineprep.jpg

1. Put 4 closed rings on 1 open ring and close.
Image: pdhalfbyzantine1.jpg

2. Pass a second open ring through the (original) 4 closed rings
Image: pdhalfbyzantine2.jpg

This is the base unit for Half Byzantine+1 (I know the third open ring will come into play soon, just set them aside for now) make a bunch of these units.
Image: pdhalfbyzantinebase.jpg

3. Add the third open ring through the two open rings on either one of the ends of your base unit (it’s your choice which).
Image: pdhalfbyzantine3.jpg

4. Now at the opposite end take the two rings and flip them back (commonly described as “the Byzantine flip”) and pass the extra open ring of your next unit through to keep them in place (don’t close it just yet).
Image: pdhalfbyzantine4.jpg

5. Add your next unit on and close that extra ring, just repeat steps 4&5 until desired length is attained.
Image: pdhalfbyzantine5.jpg

Image: pdhalfbyzantine6.jpg

As always if there are any questions just PM me
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