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Triskelion/Aura Variant Sheet/Tao of the Dragon Sheet
Article © MAIL User: ShadowFire

Image: trisk_weave_1.jpg

So I was sitting at home one evening messing around with links when I stumbled across these really neat looking triangles comprised of variants of Celtic Visions. I decided to keep messing with them to expand them into a chain form. After a while, I successfully accomplished this task. So the obvious next progression would be to turn this into a sheet form. I found one way that worked to make a nice little patch, but was not able to expand it much further due to its density. So I kept playing around and came up with the two weaves discussed in this article.

When I looked up my new “discoveries” I found out that the neat little triangles that I had made were actually Aura and Inverted Aura.
Image: trisk_aura.jpg

*Courtesy of Legba 3.

Image: trisk_inverted_aura.jpg

*Courtesy of TeterDesigns.

Alright that’s ok. It doesn’t bother me that I wasn’t the first one to find the weave. But then I saw something else that caught my attention. Someone else had discovered the “sheet” form that I came up with first. Assuming that the inventor hadn’t realized that you can't weave this into a true sheet form, I decided to write this article. The weave I am referencing is Borealis.

Image: trisk_borealis_1.jpg

*Courtesy of Elemental Dragon.

I don’t know if anyone has realized it or not, but if you try and expand Borealis any further than the patch that was submitted, then it starts to curve in on itself and become concave. The reason for this is that this weave is, in reality, a sort of Celtic Visions Hexagonal Web and the point where the “hole” should be is too crowded with the six links used to hold the Aura units together as can be seen if the weave was continued.

[Editor note: Borealis was later found to be infinitely expandable with the right ring sizes.]

Image: trisk_borealis_2.jpg

Since this spot is too small to hold all six of the links, the weave goes the only direction it can: up. As a result, the weave becomes a sort of dome. Now if you kept playing with it, you get a very pretty and ornate looking hollow sphere, which would be great for sculptures or something to hang somewhere, but you can’t turn it into a flat sheet.

When I came upon this problem, I went back to the drawing board to find a solution. Several months ago, I was making a necklace out of Celtic Visions (A), and wondered what it would be like to take out two of the small links opposite each other per each unit of the weave (B). Further, you can take out the small center link to make yet another variation (C). I decided to use this third variation in the same manner as Aura (1) and Inverted Aura (2). The two resulting units are shown below (3 and 4).

*It turns out that while I have been experimenting with this weave Psiberdragon posted one of these variants as Tao of the Dragon. Since He posted it first, I give him credit for that weave. I suppose now I could amend this article by calling it Tao of the Dragon sheet.*

Image: trisk_image_1.jpg

By Alternately using units 3 and 4, you can weave them into a triangular sheet.

*I was originally going to call this weave Triskelion (Triskellion) but I suppose it can also be called Aura Variant Sheet or Tao of the Dragon Sheet*

Image: trisk_image_2.jpg

If you any questions or comments, post something or send me an email.
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