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Honey Bee
Article © MAIL User: Corvus

Honey Bee is very much like Scary Weave to construct. It needs an AR of no lower than 5, this may seem loose when you start but it tightens up real quick. The connecting rings can be smaller or you can use one of a larger gauge, instead of two.

For the purposes of this article I am using 1mm copper wire 5mm ID for all the rings.

To make one unit start with 2 closed rings and 4 open rings.
Image: hb1.jpg

Join 2 open rings onto the 2 closed rings.
Image: hb2.jpg

Put another open ring through the 2 rings in the middle like this:
Image: hb3.jpg

Do the same on the other side like this:
Image: hb4.jpg

This is a unit of Honey Bee make several of these.
Image: hb5.jpg

To join them together put an open ring through the last 2 rings you used to complete the unit like this:
Image: hb6.jpg

Add another here, this is where it gets tight. Remember you can use one ring with a slightly larger gauge or smaller rings here. As you join them make sure you get the orientation right.
Image: hb7.jpg

Keep going until you have the length you want.
Image: hb8.jpg

Also looks great in silver, this has smaller connecting rings.
Image: hb9.jpg
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