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Celtic Filigree
Article © MAIL User: MaxumX

Celtic Filigree is yet another weave by BlueBuddah that I'm making a tutorial for. Hope you enjoy this one.

Green = working ring
Red = ring to weave through
Blue = Finished or inactive rings

Ring sizes
This one takes three ring sises as many of old Blu's weaves do..:P

I've chosen sizes that work good for showing the weave in CGI but it has been recommended to use 18g 6mm ID (medium ring) 18g 4.4mm (small rings) and 17g 8mm (large rings)
Sizes that also work are: 16awg/7.75mm, 16awg/4.75mm, 18awg/4.5mm, and 20awg/3.25mm.

Image: celticfil1.jpg

Lets get weaving.

Start by making a 2 in 2 chain from one small and one medium ring by placing one medium and one small ring around them.

Image: celticfil2.jpg

I know that first step is kinda confusing but continue that pattern until you have 8 sections like this. Be sure to keep the medium rings on the one side. If you get the rings all mixed this trick will not work.

Image: celticfil3.jpg

Now loop them around in a circle and connect them the in the same way with all the medium rings facing the inside of the loop.

Image: celticfil4.jpg

Now all we have to do is weave in the largest ring through all the medium rings on the inside.

Image: celticfil5.jpg

There that is a complete section of it. Now we move on to connecting two sections together. A simple 2in2 will work just fine. Use the small rings for this.

Image: celticfil6.jpg

Continue doing this until you are satisfied with it. Here is a bonus picture with a few sections rendered with more realism.

Image: celticfil7.jpg

Good luck and have fun.
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