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Captive Zen
Article © MAIL User: MaxumX

Captive Zen is a nice looking weave that can be done in chain or sheet form. Though I will not be going into the construction of the sheet form in this tut. Despite that let us get started here.

Green = Working Ring
Red = Intersecting ring
yellow = orbital ring
Blue = finished weave or inactive rings.

Ring size
For this weave you will need three ring sizes each smaller then the next.

smallest ring 18g .173 ID (4.4mm)
Middle Ring 18g .236 (6.0mm)
Largest Ring 18g .279 (7.1mm)
Image: captivezen1.jpg

Okay lets get weaving this.

First make a 2 in 1 orbital section, do this by weaving a 2in1 chain from the smallest rings and using the middle size as the orbital ring. you will want to make a few of these sections before continuing.
Image: captivezen2.jpg

Now using two of the section you made in the last step weave in the largest ring on either side of the small ring in the center through the mid sized rings. It should look like this when done.
Image: captivezen3.jpg

Adjust so that the top and bottom small rings look like this.
Image: captivezen4.jpg

Next weave in two more small rings using the right top of the left section, left top of the right section, lower right bottom of the left section, and lower left bottom of the right section (that's hard to say) or just make it look like this..:P
Image: captivezen5.jpg

Continue steps 2-4 to make the chain form of the weave.
Image: captivezen6.jpg

Using the same methods you can make the sheet (Captive Zen Sheet) (or full sheet (Captive Zen Sheet Full) -Ed) variation of this weave but duplicating the form at 90 degrees. Like this.
Image: captivezen7.jpg

Good luck and have fun.

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