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Hund Gesicht Kette
Article © MAIL User: Noldolantë

I have found it easy to continue this weave, but difficult to start it. So in this tutorial I will show how to use Inverted Round to start the weave. The rings used in this tutorial are 16ga (.062") 3/8” ID, with an AR of 6.3 (after springback) as suggested by Dartanian. Hund Gesicht Kette is a weave by Dartanian.

I think it is easier to start this weave on a flat surface, and not pick it up until the chain is stable. Another tip, which was discovered by lorraine, is to wrap the beginning piece of Inverted Round with tape to hold the rings in place and allow you to pick it up as you weave. You can also start with a longer chain of inverted round, which will make the weave more stable to start, or use Captive Inverted Round.

Blue rings are the new rings in each step, purple rings are those that the blue rings pass through, and green rings are pre-existing.

Step One
Start with a length of Inverted Round (which you can find in 'Weaves' 'European') at least two rings long all around. Basically, start the weave and then add one row. Lay it down just like in the picture.
Image: dphgktutorial1.jpg

Step Two
Add a slanted ring as shown. Notice that it goes though an “eye” at the bottom.
Image: dphgktutorial2.jpg

Step Three
Add another slanted ring next to the last one, it goes though a different “eye”, but the same top ring.
Image: dphgktutorial3.jpg

Step Four
Add a horizontal ring. This ring is at the bottom of the weave.
Image: dphgktutorial4.jpg

Step Five
Add a slanted ring. It’s like the ring in Step Two, only the “eye” is on the top.
Image: dphgktutorial5.jpg

Step Six
Add another slanted ring next to the last one.
Image: dphgktutorial6.jpg

Step Seven
Add a horizontal ring like in Step Four, but with this one on the top of the weave.
Image: dphgktutorial7.jpg

To continue from here, see Step Two and on.

Once the chain is stable, you can flip it over as you weave, and then the steps will not vary so much. Also, you can take off the first few rings to remove the Inverted Round.

Image: dphgktutorial8.jpg

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