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Scary Weave
Article © MAIL User: MaxumX

This tutorial is for Scary Weave, made by request and in a hurry. Best I can do in 30 minutes hehe.

Red = Weave into this ring
Green = Current ring being woven
Blue = Completed section

Ring size: tested with 18g 1/4" ID works well. also 14g 5/16 works well.

Start by closing two rings
Image: scaryweave1.jpg
Next weave a simple 2 in 1 section
Image: scaryweave2.jpg
Insert two rings as indicated below
Image: scaryweave3.jpg
That completes one section, I'd make a few of them before continuing.
Image: scaryweave4.jpg
Next using one ring inset it into the top of the vertical ring as shown. It does not go through the top most ring it is in the center of the mass.
Image: scaryweave5.jpg
Continue step 4 with the next section.
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