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Making Oval Rings
Article © MAIL User: Emil

Hi y'all!
Here follows a tutorial for making oval rings, quick and simple.
The problem with ordinary oval rings (wrapped around an oval mandrel) is that the coils are often extremely hard to get off the mandrel.
Ok, let's get started!

You will need:
1 variable speed drill.
2 identical mandrels (here 2*4,5mm)
Two pairs of pliers (not actually necessary, but you will want to make something out of your rings, won't you?)
1 Cutting device, here a 8 inch bolt cutter.
Exactly one length of wire (here 1,5mm galvy)
2 Working hands (neither shown here, nor included)
Image: 1.jpg

Insert both mandrels in the drill and tighten, like so:
Image: 2.jpg

Then coil away, start slowly so the wire won't bunch up.
Image: 3.jpg

Then remove the whole shebang and wiggle the mandrels.
Image: 4.jpg

Remove the mandrels, one at a time. (a pair of pliers might come in handy) Then you should have something like this:
Image: 5.jpg

Start cutting the rings along the long side. The coils natural spiraling (due to springback) gives you weird rings unless you compensate for it by cutting each ring in exactly the same place.
Image: 6.jpg

Make something fancy
Image: 7.jpg

Until next time, happy mailling!
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