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Joining Elfweave
Article © MAIL User: Corvus

Joining Elfweave is a lot easier than it sounds (or looks at first).

Assuming you know how to make Elfweave by the chain method (I'm sure this can be used for the other method too with some adjustment), make a chain with equal and an odd number of rings on each side. Remember there is 'bob' the one ring at the start of the chain, do not count this one.

Make the Elfweave the length you want leaving a few rings on each side at the end. Like this:
Image: jelf1.jpg

Then join the chain ends with a ring on each side making each side now an even number.
Image: jelf2.jpg

Remove 'bob'. 'bob' only joins 1 pair of rings and if you leave it in, it will confuse you.
Image: jelf3.jpg

Then continue weaving Elfweave as you would normally (using the chain method) and you're done.
Image: jelf4.jpg

You can now add on extra rows to make Elfsheet, this is easy when joined but be aware that this will make your ring of Elfweave a little smaller.

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